Sunday, October 1st, 2023

Won’t You Be My Dear Valentine?

The Children By Don Rath Jr …and the children used to come here to play, sing, frollick and dance. Once there was a way of life where joy and laughter filled the land. When you could find peace rafting on a river and life in a flower. Where loving was the status quo and a […]

I’ve come to know you through my song. My heart is warm now in the sun. Awakened to you and your love…

Sometimes, in the alone-ness of my thoughts I recall, in my moments of great despair, how you, in those same moments, lifted me, …

A time of hope and a chance, a time to laugh and sing, a time of moving in my life, Without a broken wing. A time of moving to the fold, a place to call my own, a moment to remember you, a place I call my home.

A lone soldier of tune
Soul searching in quiescence
Seeking the elusive inspirations
Through the quiet sounds of silence…