Friday, June 9th, 2023

Glad to Meet You


Glad To Meet You

By: Don Rath Jr.

I never knew you and your song
Not dancing in the streets of life
Never knowing the sun in the sky,
Wind in the trees, never asked why.

How was I to know you were there?
To guide me and to keep me warm
I never knew even in the rain
That was you keeping me from pain.

I find it’s you comforting me
Keeping me walking within time
Each step brings me closer to thee
The sky more clear, better to see.

Thank you from my heart deep inside
And forever more so in the night
I’m glad to meet you in this day
I love you more than words can say.

I’ve come to know you through my song
My heart is warm now in the sun
Awakened to you and your love
Thank you, thank you my God above.

Copyright (c) 2007 Don Rath Jr.

Glad to Meet You!

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