Sunday, October 1st, 2023

… This is crucial to understand and not simply in the basic sense when writing for film. Human behavior is quite complicated and so the choices a composer makes when syncing music to film must be understood to cause the effect the Film Producer is looking for in any given scene.

Every once in a while a composer may want to change a time signature during the course of a music composition. Although this is a rather easy thing to do, many may not know how to notate for making this type of music notation change. In addition, they may not know what impact making this change…

The time signature itself designates either perfect time or imperfect time simply by the numerator that is being used as the top number in the time signature. Also, depending upon what the numerator is divisible by, this will determine whether the time signature is in simple time or in compound time.

This article is designed to recap through specific charts and information, using examples from classical music to demonstrate the ideas behind the concepts of some of the simple meter time signatures.

This is the third part of our mini-series on the subject of time signatures. There are many symbols used in music composition and notation which instruct performers on how to play the written music. Time signatures are a key component of those instructions.

Time Signatures represent the time related structures and instructions whereby the note and rest patterns are placed within a specific rhythmically based sequence. They are simply observable, repeated events which occur within the structure of…

…understanding time signatures requires a certain amount of study of three concepts; a philosophical approach to the concept of time itself, the description of the symbols used for notating music as well as an approach via the use of musical symbols in applications demonstrating the effect the different symbols have on playback and performance of music.

…dynamics as used in music, we are presenting other symbols used to cause the performers to alter the intensity and the variation of sound intensity through the use additional music symbols.

…his particular trip allowed me to visit the beach where I was able to sit and watch as the waves gently rolled in and then they finish their journey by rolling back out again into the Gulf of Mexico, in a continuous motion, watching the waves moving in and then back out again…

Music is first an idea, a thought. It must be transferred from that thought stage and into the physical world via either music notation and/or performance. In this way, music becomes real!