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Opus No 6 – Cello – Duet – Info

Opus No 6 – Cello – Duet – Info

TitleOpus No 6 – Cello – Duet

Award – Finalist – 2008 UK International Songwriters contest

mp3 clip – Opus No 6 – Cello – Duet

Lyrics – Instrumental


Lyric Credits – Instrumental

Music credits – Don Rath Jr

Producer Credits – Don Rath Jr

Engineering Credits – Don Rath Jr / “Big Al” Allen Wagner

Publisher Credits – StringTunes

Performance Credits – EWQLSO Platinum Edition

Label Credits – StringTunes


Track number – 6 on the CD Colors of Cello

Short Description

Opus No 6 – Cello – Duet placed as the Semi-Finalist in the 2008 UK Songwriting Competition. Over 6,000 entries, in the Classical Music genre, competed in this International Competition!

Long Description

Chronology – 3/6/2007

Duration – 8:01

Time signature – 4/4

Key – E Major

Tempo – Andante

Number of measures – 152

Instrumentation – Cello Duet





Story behind the song

Producing a collection of songs with the theme of making an album featuring the cello, this piece was selected from the many written to be included in the album Colors of Cello.

The goal in this work was to interweave multiple melodies in a very pleasing and intricate work as performed by this duet for the Cello. More advanced players will enjoy performing this piece.