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Come to Me – Info

Come to Me is an instrumental music composition by contemporary composer and author Don Rath Jr. Conveying emotion is a vital part to consider when composing music. It is my hope that I have captured the emotion of longing in this piece since that was my main intention for writing it.

Come to Me – Info

Title – Come to Me

mp3 clip – Come To Me

Lyrics – Instrumental


Lyric Credits – Instrumental

Music credits – Don Rath Jr

Producer Credits – Don Rath Jr

Engineering Credits – Don Rath Jr / “Big Al” Allen Wagner

Publisher Credits – StringTunes

Performance Credits – EWQLSO Gold Pro

Label Credits – StringTunes


Track number – 12 on the CD Heart Strings

Short Description

Come to Me is a quintet originally written on the guitar. Arranged differently for use on the Heart Strings CD. Melody driven.

Long description

Chronology – 10/20/1994

Duration – 2:05

Time signature – 6/8

Key – D Major

Tempo – Andante

Number of measures – 45

Instrumentation – String Quintet; Guitar, Violin1, Violin 2, Cello & Double Bass


A heartfelt piece directed to and a call to the person you want to be with


Everyone who has longed for reciprocal feelings of love.

Story behind the song

Did you ever have strong feelings for someone, but the distance between the two of you was too great? No matter your true feelings, the distance or the place, love remained at arms length. A longing to be held, to be loved. That is what I was experiencing when this song came into being. To keep a full rich orchestration of his work I used the string quintet with the addition of the guitar creating a full arrangement adding depth and variety to this piece. The rhythmic nature of the guitar fills the inner music lines adding a richness to the overall sound.

Come to Me – Info