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Moderato in D Major – Info

Moderato in D Major – Info

TitleModerato in D Major

mp3 clip – Moderato in D Major

Lyrics – Instrumental


Lyric Credits – Instrumental

Music credits – Don Rath Jr

Producer Credits – Don Rath Jr

Engineering Credits – Don Rath Jr / “Big Al” Allen Wagner

Publisher Credits – StringTunes

Performance Credits – EWQLSO Gold Pro

Label Credits – StringTunes


Track number – 3 on the CD Dawn of a New Day

Short Description

Moderato in D Major is a lighthearted piece with an underlying tone of longing for days gone by. Almost a dichotomy of sorts where today is a reminder of something we long to relive yet it remains a memory.

Long description

Chronology – 6/13/2006

Duration – 3:10

Time signature – 4/4

Key – D Major

Tempo – Moderato

Number of measures – 45

Instrumentation – String Quartet; Guitar, Violin, Cello & Contra Bass.


Life is full of dichotomies, things we sometimes do not understand. Sometime, at a later date, they may bring us a new awareness of things long forgotten, now becoming more meaningful.



Story behind the song

The tempo of this tune became the title since behind this piece there was no story as such. Nothing magical or important to offer as a specific message, just the enjoyable song!