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Close to Home – Info

Close to Home is an instrumental composition by contemporary composer Don Rath Jr. The desire to stay close to home is the intended focus of this piece.

Close To Home – Info

Title – Close to Home

mp3 clip – Close To Home

Lyrics – Instrumental


Lyric Credits – Instrumental

Music credits – Don Rath Jr

Producer Credits – Don Rath Jr

Engineering Credits – Don Rath Jr / “Big Al” Allen Wagner

Publisher Credits – StringTunes

Performance Credits – EWQLSO Gold Pro

Label Credits – StringTunes


Track number – 10 on the CD Heart Strings

Short Description

Close to Home is a song to remind you where to keep your heart.

Long description

Chronology – 6/16/1994

Duration – 2:21

Time signature – 6/8

Key – A Major

Tempo – Andante

Number of measures – 42

Instrumentation – String Quartet; Guitar, Violin1, Violin 2 & Cello


Simply a great place to be!



Story behind the song

For me and I believe for many others, home is where the heart is. It is the place we all retreat to when the world is becomes just to much. Home is our kiva. A special place where the fire burns gently and where love is the most prevalent emotion around. Nothing beats being close to home. I was feeling very domestic at the time of writing this piece. What choice did I have but to compose the original as a solo guitar piece. Several months later I arranged it as a string quartet replacing the viola with the guitar because I wanted to include it in the Heart Strings album. I did however record this for solo guitar for the Night Wind guitar instrumental CD but it was never released. Instead you can enjoy both the guitar parts as well as the fuller arrangement in this arrange of it. I hope you enjoy it!

Close to Home – Info