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Heart Strings

Heart Strings – By Don Rath Jr

CD Cover - Heart StringsTitle – Heart Strings

Composer – Don Rath Jr

Release Date – 01/03/2007

Genre – New Classical / Chamber Music

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One sheetHeart Strings – PDF

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Heart Strings – The CD

Heart Strings is my official debut CD! It is a collection of twelve musical compositions for stringed instruments and small group ensembles that weaves together the romantic and gentle melodies of multiple stringed instruments creating a soothing and unique sound. These lush arrangements make for a pleasing ambiance.

After a long day at work, Heart Strings offers a quiet and romantic musical experience. Truly, music to soothe your soul!

Read what others are saying in various parts of the world about the music of composer Don Rath Jr.

Teresa / Songwriter – Awesome! Beautifully orchestrated! What you’ve created is what music is all about. – (Kentucky, USA)

Aletheia / Songwriter – …lovely and very heartfelt just so beautiful! – (Tennessee, USA)

Gary / Businessman – Very enjoyable. Nice way to unwind from a long day! – (Iowa, USA)

Matthew / Composer & Artist – …your talent is really outstanding! – (London, England)

Beth / Businesswoman – Soft and soothing are the two words that come to mind. I have such respect for someone who can put notes to paper and intertwine the gentle melodies of several instruments. Bravo to you! – (Illinois, USA)

Awards – One title on Heart Strings has placed well in the 2007 UK International Songwriting Contest and it was my first award, Hey There! and two additional titles placed well in the 2008 UK International contest amongst 6,000 entries in the instrumental category. They are Sonata in C Major and Trail of Tears!

Official Heart Strings Track List

Track 1 Heart Strings – Length: 04:39

Heart StringsSong Info

Track 2 Hey There! – Length: 02:36

Hey There!Song Info

Track 3 Lively Violins – Length: 05:02

Lively ViolinsSong Info

Track 4 Bouquet – Length: 04:08

BouquetSong Info

Track 5 Seascape – Length: 02:30

SeascapeSong Info

Track 6 Trail of Tears – Length: 05:00

Trail Of TearsSong Info

Track 7 May Days – Length: 02:36

May DaysSong Info

Track 8 Sonata in C Major – Length: 04:48

Sonata In C MajorSong Info

Track 9 Cryin’ Game – Length: 02:46

Cryin GameSong Info

Track 10 Close To Home – Length: 02:21

Close To HomeSong Info

Track 11 Night Wind – Length: 04:48

Night WindSong Info

Track 12 Come To Me – Length: 02:05

Come To MeSong Info

No other CD can ever be called your debut album with the exception of your first. Heart Strings is my first official CD release and hopefully it is one of many more to come.

Here’s a tidbit of information for you – the process of making a CD especially one where is was produced mostly over the Internet is the subject of my article; Resources for Making and Selling a CD using the Internet.

I hope you enjoy Heart Strings. I also hope you like it well enough to suggest it to your friends. That would be cool! Please feel free to check out my other CD’s too! Dawn of a New Day – The CD and Colors of Cello – The CD.

Heart Strings – By Don Rath Jr