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A Global Perspective – Messages

Messages – A Global Perspective

There is an old adage that states; “…music is the universal language…” which suggests music is a vehicle to convey the composer’s messages, whatever they may be.

From a global perspective, the composer’s messages, regardless of what word-language a person speaks, through music (including music without words) can reach to and convey their intended messages to others. Whether it be the composer’s messages of peace, joy, comfort, anger, happiness or joy, it is the Composer who is attempting to communicate to others through his or her musical thought ideas or their intended messages. It is in each specific composition that one or more messages are conveyed to the listener. The word conveyance implies a two party system; one doing the conveying and one receiving the conveyance.  After all, music is a two way street. At a minimum, hopefully the messages are positive in nature.


Most of us live in our own little corner of the world, allowing only those messages of interest into our conscious world, into us individually and personally, to penetrate our “defenses”, so to speak. We hide or shy away from those  things, ideas and people that fall outside of our own chosen filters of perception, our likes and dislikes, our tastes and our preferences. as well as priorities. Each of us takes the time to interpret and to glean from our experiences, hopefully in a conscious way, only those things that help us make sense of our own world.

Individualized interpretation of music therefor, enables a composer to send these messages in such a way as to permit an auditory, subjective experience, as gained through the conveyance of the sounds used in a musical work, to any listener, so willing, thereby completing the link between them, thus completing the transfer of the message from one to the other, in this wonderful and unique form of communication called music.

It is personal, sometimes, very personal. It can be lighthearted and happy, dark and brooding or any combination of character or ambiance, so as to move us in some mental or emotional, and in many cases, a physical way, creating emotional or physical movement such as dancing! Through your own individual interpretation of a composers work, you can experience the intended messages either through an auditory, analytical, visual or physical sense. Sometimes, you may not “hear” them on the first listening. Some songs just grow on us.

Sometimes it may take several “hearings” to receive the messages and sometimes, you may not receive the intended message in the way the composer had hoped for, but in your own way, your very own unique way you will receive some type of message when listening to music including music created and produced in other lands or cultures. In any case the messages received will be perceived by you as being great, good, bad or indifferent regardless of the word language you speak. That is what makes music universal. Each piece of music causes some internal reaction within the listener. Anyone within ear shot of the music will react in some way and no two individuals react to it in the same identical way. Now how cool is that!

Music Without Words

Instrumental music and chamber music is without a doubt, a language understood by the masses where communication can occur without imposing opinions or word-based ideas on others through the chosen lyrics, rather, instrumental music affords an open ended interpretation that enables rather than disables the listener to experience internally, something relevant and important, in that moment, to them.  It activates the internal representations of their own inner and private world, without imposing, through the use of words, or dictate nor does it instruct on how you should think, feel or interpret the music. I like that in so far as it gives back the power to you, the listener without opinionated or agenda-based imposition. You retain the right and privilege of holding the power to think for yourself rather than me, an instrumental composer, imposing my beliefs, thoughts or ideas onto you. You can listen and interpret for yourself. You can also not listen if the music does not resonate with you. That is your right and your choice and your preference. Still, all interpretations are based upon your internal response to the messages sent via music.


So, it is for that reason I have personally come to select this form of communication, instrumental music, to talk to you so to speak in my own way. It is a way for me to share those things I experience in my own life with you. My feelings, my thoughts, my ideas and my emotions are interpreted by me, translated into music and brought forth in a unique form of communication, one you are familiar with, music.

Websites, blogs and the like provide a multimedia avenue for expressing oneself. The words, pictures, videos, etc., other than the music, provides to me and others a method of enticing you to listen to the music. For you, they are an external catalyst which may cause you to take a moment to listen, but, –

… it is in the actual listening of music that you will come to know my art. Also, it is in active listening that you will come to know the journey of the song and the messages that lie within.

My Job

It is my chosen journey to learn as much as I can about music composition and the related chores needed to produce it. My task is to learn enough about music composition and music production so as to master the art and craft of musical communication so well that my meaning and intent is clearly expressed and hopefully, that these messages will be well received by you. I hope to evolve to the point that my efforts to master this form of communication will be to your great benefit. A benefit that is meaningful and enjoyable to you. Maybe even to the point of creating a piece of music that sends the messages of universal peace and cooperative stewardship of humanity and the planet as a whole. Now wouldn’t that be the coolest thing?

My Music and Writings

For a more in depth look about my music please click through to the provided links or through the “About” drop down page link titled, My Music. I use a far different approach to share with you what it is I do musically to make and create music than many others use. Other posts are planned to provide specific steps and explanations for those interested in learning the craft of creating music as well. These will be far less philosophical  in nature than what you have found in this message. It will be a way for me to teach others music composition through my knowledge and my experience of doing it.

I think the most I can hope for from this blog or my other web locations is that you are given the chance to at least hear some of my tunes and in doing so, it is my hope you find your experience with my music to be enjoyable, thought provoking and pleasing to your ear. Enough so that you stop by regularly for a visit and to learn of my messages in word and in song.

Join in on the Conversation

For now, I offer to you the opportunity to listen to short clips of my music on this site. You can thank the lack of respect for copyright for the short clips. I would rather provide the entire piece so my messages come across complete. Also, here at this site that I am sharing an ongoing blog/website presence that includes things about me, my music, music theory, music composition and an assortment of other things I find interesting enough to include here. Also, it is important to me that you let me know what you would like to see on this site. This is not exclusively me talking to you, or at least I hope not. I am hopeful that you will find that a two way street to be more inviting and enjoyable. One where messages come from both you and me. Where the time we spend together is enjoyable, even memorable if that is at all possible. So, please feel free to contribute your thoughts and ideas so this can become a place for you that is important enough for you to stop by regularly.

I remain hopeful that my fans, friends and my audience at large travel with me along this journey as we progress through time. If you can or will take a moment in your busy life, to experience how well I have done (or not), how well I am doing at this time (or not) and to stay informed, if you are and remain interested in my subjective experience and my musical interpretations of the world, that is, my journey into music composition and music production. I am still on that wonderful journey. I have chosen to stay here. I intend to stay as long as the external world permits it and as long as I can, as long as it remains within my means. You are cordially invited to come along and share in this journey.

Learning is a process, a lifelong path towards enlightenment. – Don Rath Jr

An Open Invitation

I am not standing still and neither are you. So, I invite you to come back often if you so desire and or to stop by in a year or so to see where we both have traveled, musically and maybe even otherwise. If we have not already connected by now, then maybe at that time both of us will have grown and will have the opportunity of hearing each other and then we will both benefit. With that said, this is an open invitation to you to join with me, to share with me your musical journey.

This Site

Otherwise, if you are here with me now, then I welcome you to my new home. Yes, we are still under construction for a bit yet. It’s sort of like buying a new home for the first time. When you first move in there is little furniture and it and the furniture doesn’t even look as good as it did in your last home so it is time for something new. Keep in mind that there are several design qualities yet to be perfected or tweaked in your new home.  So , you set out to get the finishing touches in place. Once completed you are settled into your new home and you begin your new life in a new home. At some later point in time you might notice that your home is your kiva, your respite away from the rest of the world and yet you remain a part of it. It has become what you dreamed about when you first moved in, a beautiful outward expression of yourself for you and your loved ones. So too will this site develop into something I believe will be helpful to all who take the time to spend some time here.

That is exactly what I hope to achieve as far as form, structure and content here on this site. I hope to go a bit beyond that, to a place that offers information, relative to music, that is educational, entertaining, supportive of your musical interests, expressing myself in real time, attempting to serve you and me as well. I know I cannot do that alone and so I need your help, your comments, thoughts and ideas. They are always welcomed and I will do my best to respond in a timely manner. If you do not tell me, then I will not know. If you do, I will try to meet your expectations as best I can.

Mission Statement

I have completed a page that is called my Mission Statement, for Don Rath Jr and StringTunes. Please take a moment to review it as this is my intent put on paper. I wrote this statement because I want you to understand my focus better. By understanding me you also learn more about yourself. By sharing with me, we understand each other more and we grow together. Maybe by watching me grow and learn more about music you will grow faster too. Maybe you too can find your own mission and maybe your visits here will provide some useful information and encouragement for you to make your own dreams come true!

Music truly is the universal language and love is the key to open the doors in your own life’s journey. Hopefully this global perspective is helpful to you.

Warmest wishes!

Don Rath Jr

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