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Conductor, Composer and Songwriters Resources

Conductor, Composer and Songwriters Resources

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This directory is focused on conductor, composer and songwriters resources including groups, organizations, societies, associations and others who support them.

Conductor, Composer and Songwriters Resources Directory

Alexander University – An excellent resource for educational materials for learning how to compose, arrange and professionally orchestrate music.

American Composers Alliance – As a non-profit organization dedicated to American classical music, ACA is a publisher, archivist, custodian, and concert presenter with a history dating back to 1937. Our catalog of works is one of the most unique and diverse collections of music in the world and includes compositions by Otto Luening, Vladimir Ussachevsky, Robert Helps, Dane Rudhyar, Karl and Vally Weigl, Halsey Stevens, Miriam Gideon, and many, many others.

Bard College Conservatory of Music – The Conductors Institute is nearing 40 years of providing an excellent education resource for those interested in learning about conducting music.  In addition to the Conductors Institute Bard College offers an excellent course of instruction for those wishing to learn music, composition and arranging.

The Orchestral and Choral Conducting Program of The Bard College Conservatory of Music is a two-year graduate curriculum that culminates in the Master of Music (M.M.) degree.

Cadenza – resources for classical and contemporary musicians.

 Classical Composer Database – Welcome to one of the greatest online resources of information about classical music composers. This is an extensive database of Classical Music Composers both deceased and living. Database count exceeds 3,000 Composers.

Classical Composers – Links Source – This website offers a very good collection of links to Composers, Publishers, Radio and Sound as well as Musicians. It is well worth you time to review this site as there are additional items of interest including a Published Newsletter and Performance Date Listings. Please check it out!

Classical Net Classical Net features more than 6800 files including more than 5000 CD, SACD, DVD and Book reviews and over 5300 links to other classical music web sites.

Composition Today – “Composition Today” offers a huge range of resources exclusively for composers. This is a membership site with a fee to gain full access to it.

cgbutton - conductor, composer and songwriters resources Conductors Guild – The Guild is concerned with the art and the craft of conducting. The Guild’s overall goal is to enhance the professionalism of conductors by serving as a clearing house for knowledge and information regarding the art and practice of conducting; further, to support the artistic growth of orchestras, bands, choruses and other conducted ensembles. The Guild has a broader potential role as well: to communicate to the music community the views and opinions of the conducting profession, for which the Guild can serve as a collective voice.

Meet The Composer – Meet the Composer was founded in 1974 as a project of the New York State Council on the Arts. Led by the visionary composer John Duffy, Meet the Composer sought to enable composers to make a living writing music, and to increase their visible presence as creative artists. Since then, Meet the Composer has grown to become a national organization, serving composers of every kind of music throughout the United States.

National Association of Composers – USA – NACUSA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Founded by Henry Hadley in 1933, it is one of the oldest organizations devoted to the promotion and performance of American concert hall music. Many of America’s most distinguished composers have been among its members. NACUSA presents several chamber concerts each year that feature music by its members.

Society of Composers – . . . dedicated to the promotion of composition, performance, understanding and dissemination of new and contemporary music. . .

Songwriters Guild of America – For the yet-to-be published writer, the Guild offers education, critiques, pitch opportunities, competitions, performance nights and other chances to hone and share their craft. For the professional writer the SGA offers assistance with publishing, royalty audits and collection, catalog administration, legislative advocacy and more.

The American Music Center – The American Music Center is a national service organization and information center dedicated to building a national community for new American Music.

The Living Composers Project – The Living Composers Project is a non-profit database begun in 2000, which aims to provide composers, listeners, performers, and researchers with a source of information about the music of our time. If you are seeking information and/or links to living Composers please visit this excellent resource.

The Music Library Report – The Music Library Report is a useful site for those writing music for film and TV. “Composers and songwriters rate the music libraries”. For those interested in music for film & TV this site is definitely worth a peek!

Conductor, Composer and Songwriters Resources Directory