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Home Studio Project

My Home Music Studio Project

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Home Studio Project

My Home Studio Project was started and completed this past summer. I wanted to have a place where I could make my music in a more user friendly environment. The Home Studio Project article series was posted on another of my blogs which I am taking down as soon as the data transfer is completed.

After four long years of saving money I had finally saved enough to build my new home studio in an unfinished area of my basement. It was planned to be a 200 square foot room specifically slated to be a music space, my music space!

This series of articles is about my home studio project. The articles include; how the entire project got started,  the flooring, adding two new walls, adding all new electrical wiring and outlets/plugins, framing, wall materials, lighting and finish trim and ceiling. In short, adding a new room to my home where I could make music.

Over the next couple of weeks I will be posting a total of five articles just on this home studio project. I plan on providing a complete series of photos and written information on how I was able to build my home studio without the use of electrical tools. There was one exception an electric powered drill. Everything else was done using only hand tools and a little muscle. Well, maybe more than a little.

This home studio project was never intended to be a world class $1, 000,000 studio. It was however planned to be constructed on a $2,000 budget. It was a home studio project where I would supply most all of the hand labor. Almost all materials were purchased from Home Depot.

All of the music making equipment included computers, musical instruments, software, hardware and additional equipment which were already purchased and their costs were not part of the budget for the room.

This post is more or less simply an introduction to the project with links to the remaining articles in the series.

OK – So, now it has been about six months since I finished my home studio project. Below are links to the posts related to different parts of the project. Please feel free to browse them at your leisure. They will give you some pretty good insights on how to do your own in-home music studio.

Home Studio Project – Electrical

Home Studio Project – Wood

Home Studio Project – Challenges

Home Studio Project – Results

Studio Slide Show – Now you get to see the finished project!

Hope you enjoyed the presentation about my home studio project!

Home Studio Project