Thursday, June 8th, 2023

“Herein lays the true message: that all these facets of the cyclical nature of the world; living, giving birth to new life and dying are all universal to every person on this planet, no matter what their skin color or religious belief. In essence, we are all connected through our common human experiences.

This article is designed to recap through specific charts and information, using examples from classical music to demonstrate the ideas behind the concepts of some of the simple meter time signatures.

Just a quick note to provide some updates notes for changes and amendments which have been made recently on the Music Theory and Composition Website.

This is the third part of our mini-series on the subject of time signatures. There are many symbols used in music composition and notation which instruct performers on how to play the written music. Time signatures are a key component of those instructions.

The NHPCO is an excellent resource for those seeking help, information and guidance when it comes to end-of-life care. J. Donald Schumacher, PsyD NHPCO President & CEO, gives a quick monthly message discussing…

Music is a broad topic and meanders down many a lane. I do not walk all of its pathways nor do I even know some of them. It is in the best interest of our readers to have an opportunity to experience the many facets of music from a variety of …

Just like an excellent symphony, each note is a contributing factor making the symphony a glorious experience. Take away a single note and it is diminished. Likewise, with John and Nelle O’Neill, one cannot write about only one of them as their lives are like a wonderful symphony!