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Website Updates – 10-21-2010


Website Updates – 10-21-2010

Just a quick note to provide some updates notes for changes and amendments which have been made recently on the Music Theory and Composition Website.

Directories – Updates

Links have been added to several of the directories under the links tabs on the top navigation bar. Progress in developing the resource pages is coming along nicely and links are added quite often.

Recently changed Directory Categories links pages include the following; Education, Humanitarian, Conductor, Composer and Songwriter Resources, Chamber Music and Copyright. Videos were added to the Humanitarian main resource page.

Featured Guest – Additions and Amendments

Michael DeMaria – A new video was added on Michael’s page for his album Ocean.

Some minor changes were made to the post for John and Nelle O’Neill.

Pages – More Amendments

Amendments have been made to the pages; About, Music and Links. These are directly accessed through the top navigation bar under their respective headings.

New Additions

There are several new posts coming which include additional Featured Guest  articles,  a lot more on music theory and soon I will be posting the next article in the Seven Keys to Creation article series.

My CD cover art was added on the right side panel within the Discography block.

General Comments

The new posts recently added are broadening the scope of this site. to include more poetry, information about Hospice Care and more on Music Educational Institutions. All of this is either underway now or coming soon. The goal remains to make this a resource rich website as well as interactive and entertaining in nature.

I hope your experiences here are both inspirational and educational and that you are enjoying the new additions and changes recently made. Please feel free to comment, offer suggestions and let me know if there is any other thing that is on your mind!

Take care, travel safe and find somebody to hug! Oh yeah, keep making that beautiful noise!

Kind Regards,


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