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About Don Rath Jr

About - Don Rath JrDon Rath Jr – Composer

So much about me is wrapped up in music. I am at times a contemporary chamber music composer writing music for the stringed instruments. Also, for many years I have played guitar. In the last 11 of those years playing mostly my own music and some classical guitar. Occasionally, I arrange existing public domain music. In that way, I am an arranger of music too.

“Since I was but a child, music has played a key and vital role, comforting me, lifting me, inspiring me and soothing my soul!” – Don Rath Jr

It is my  hope that through the pages and articles on this site that you will come to know me, through my works. They are publicly displayed before you throughout this website. It is through that method I prefer to be known. For those who do wish to read more about me, there is a biography available for your perusal. Feel free to visit there if you are so inclined. In the mean time, please continue reading.

About My Music Publisher – StringTunes

The music I have written is published through StringTunes, it is an independent music publisher. The Official Website for StringTunes is in finished and up and running! Please feel free to stop in at any time. Thanks!

Topics on the StringTunes website will be related to music production, copyright, music publishing and music licensing. If you are interested in things like that feel free to stop by.

Mosey on in!

While your here on this website, please feel free to poke around a bit and learn more about music, music theory, music composition, the instruments used to make music and the makers of the instruments themselves, luthiers.

For a larger more reflective and philosophical perspective about creativity, you will find some of my thoughts about creativity and the use of the universal creative energy. For those interested in conscious co-creativity this article series will interest you a lot!

I’d love to have you take a spin through my collection of “tunes” so you can get a better understanding about my music as well as being a witness to my own personal dedication to music, advancement and improvements of my music composition skills and listen to clips of music on my albums.

Lastly, I’ll do my best to provide quality information for you as well as adding some more new music from yours truly! Hopefully, you will find my music to be music to soothe your soul!

Here is a couple of music clips so you can get your “official” Don Rath Jr initiation underway.

May Days

Sonata In C Major

About My Website Plan

The plan for this site, donrathjr.com, is to include valuable information about music with a strong emphasis on music theory, music composition and music in education as focal points of the articles. That includes detailed information about the ideas and concepts of and about music theory, music composition, creating and producing virtual or computer music, information about the many tools needed to do so, explanations from my personal and hands-on experiences about using notation software, producing midi mock-ups for demo purposes and or for making CD’s, mp3’s, wav and midi files and a few other and supportive areas of general interest to those interested in these topics. In most cases, everything should always be about some aspect of music.

Over the last two years or so more content has been added than I had ever thought I could write. None-the-less, it seems, and as far as music goes, there is more to write. As more is written they will be added. In time this should be a great resource for anyone interested in music.

Also planned is an increase in the number of quality links of great resource to you regardless of your personal interest area within the topic of music.

I also intend to provide mp3 audio and video content, information about guitars and writing music for the guitar, among other topics. I am not intending on competing with other sites that provide extended information about them, just my involvement with the guitar and things I find interesting and that I wish to share with you.

Further, this site will include multimedia presentations, slide shows, music clips, notation charts, references and/or links to sites, including music industry resources, supporting the nature, context and content for each page or post as applicable.

Again, I hope you enjoy your visit and the experiences you have here. Maybe, you will have found something of value in visiting me here and you can take away a pleasant memory.

More About My Acoustic and Classical Guitars

Playing the acoustic and classical guitar has been an important part in both learning about music in general and as time went on, music composition via the guitar.  Below is a photo of two of my guitars. The one on the left is an acoustic  Sigma Martin 12-string Dreadnought and the one on the right is an Alvarez Yairi, CY140 classical guitar. It has rosewood back and sides, cedar top and ebony neck.

Two Types of Guitars - Alverez Yairi and Sigma Martin

On a more personal note, the guitar for me has been a journey of intense pleasure, intense pain and just about everything else in between. Like most serious guitarist, my guitar has been and it continues to be my best friend, my confidante, my partner, truly an extension of myself. Mostly, it has given me a way to express myself through the creative and performing arts while helping others along the way!

About Composing Music

Composing music notation samplemusic has become a way of life for me now. I am constantly learning by studying the manuscripts for the music written by the most incredible Composers throughout the ages. I still favor the string quartets of Haydn and Beethoven.

Reading manuscripts, listening intently and actively to music and going to live concerts are my favorite activities because they fill me with joy, lift my heart and open the gateway to my own creativity. In this way I am inspired to compose more new music.

About My Original Music

I consider my music to be classified as contemporary chamber music, virtual orchestral music and new classical. Yes, music remains one of my great passions and hopefully this site will ignite and promote your own passion and interest for creating music too!

One of my fans had this to say about my music –

“How nice to hear music that is well thought out and not the same piece rewritten in different ways. The melodies are light and memorable and range from string quartets to fully realized orchestral works. Bravo!” – Randy Akins – Ft. Wayne, Indiana

I’ll let you decide for yourself what impact my music will have on you and certainly, what Randy had to say was good to hear. Thank you Randy!

Where is it said that man should withhold the greatest of his good?…and even if it can be withheld it doesn’t mean it should! – Don Rath Jr


As I continue to develop and evolve musically, it is my hope that maybe one day I will be recognized as a composer of good, maybe even great, music. Only time will tell.

In the meantime, I definitely wish to contribute in a grander way and certainly, in a positive way to music in general. Through this medium, it gives me a way to do just that, share. Share music, ideas, thoughts and things of and about music in hopes that others will gain through this website and its content.

Additional Comments

Finally, I am now somewhat more comfortable about the idea of  sharing my music with others through a public forum such as this. I spent fifteen years of my life in an unfinished basement making music in my spare time. The entire idea of exposing music to the world is a pretty frightening idea, if you think about it. Especially if it is music you created yourself. Public display of new ideas and products opens you up to all sorts of judgment calls. I would prefer that rather than take a posture of a judge, that you will simply appreciate what you will from my offerings and leave the rest alone.

Your Support – I hope you enjoy your perusal of my original works enough to purchase them. By doing so, it will help me to cover the costs involved in producing more music and the costs of making them available to you, my family, friends and fans. For those that do, thanks in advance for supporting my musical efforts.

I will add this, if I am not publicly or privately supported, I may, highly reluctantly, have to keep my newly created music in a drawer for another fifteen years. It will not stop me from composing as I do not think that is a choice for me. It will only limit public exposure of the music I create as for some unknown reason running a website, maintaining and purchasing the equipment and the tools needed for creating music, making CD’s and all of the costs involved in doing projects such as these, is not free. What you can view now may be only temporary, otherwise, this site will be maintained only as long as I can continue it with my own resources.

Finally, I hope that through my efforts here on this site that you will be so inspired and encouraged so as to cause you to work, study and to develop your own musical voice and talents. Hopefully, you will make that decision and have fun doing it!

Having said the above, please feel free to mosey on in, look around and maybe you will find value here and maybe you won’t. One thing is for certain, you are indeed always welcome here!

I look forward to your comments, feedback and your thoughts and ideas about what you would like to see on this site.

Warm Regards,

Don Rath Jr

StringTunes – Music to Soothe Your Soul!

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About Don Rath Jr – Contemporary composer, Arranger and Guitarist