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Hey There – Info

Hey There is a composition by instrumental composer Don Rath Jr. This page provides detailed information of and about Hey There including instrumentation, song details, credits and an mp3 clip of the music. Both a short and longer description is also provided as well as the story behind the music.

Hey There – Info

Title – Hey There

mp3 clipHey There

Lyrics – Instrumental


Lyric Credits – Instrumental

Music credits – Don Rath Jr

Producer Credits – Don Rath Jr

Engineering Credits – Don Rath Jr / “Big Al” Allen Wagner

Publisher Credits – StringTunes

Performance Credits – EWQLSO Gold Pro

Label Credits – StringTunes


Track number – 2 on the CD Heart Strings

Short Description

Hey There is an upbeat composition, light and airy with a memorable melody line.

Long description

Chronology – 3/22/2006

Duration – 2:36

Time signature – 4/4

Key – D Major

Tempo – Allegro

Number of measures – 62

Instrumentation – Guitar, Violin, Viola & Cello


This work is sort of like creating a compelling and enticing invitation directed at meeting someone you think you want to spend some time with and wanting to make an approach in a pleasant way. The message is simply, “I want to meet you” through music rather than through the use of words.


To that someone special who you would like to meet.

Story behind the song

This was a fun and enjoyable piece to write. I had the fifth and six measure motif in my mind for over a week. It just wouldn’t go away so I was compelled to write it down. Next thing I knew Hey There was born! Basically, the composition originally was written with first and second violins as found in your typical string quartet. After contemplating the music for a while, I chose to replace the second violin with the guitar to add additional rhythmic support and to slightly alter the overall sound. Hey There was written from an initial droning in my head of the motif pointed out above but developed into the complete composition in a rather short time.

Hey There – Info