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StringTunes is an independent music publisher operating out of Rockford Illinois USA. Founded in June of 2006 primarily to represent my music, StringTunes has evolved and intends to move beyond its original intention to include other artists and performers of instrumental music.

On this site, I will periodical include; news, posts and/or other articles of and about StringTunes as important changes or additions are made to the programs being offered through them, otherwise please feel free to visit the StringTunes music website at any time.

Music publishing is a vital part of getting ones music “out there” for you to enjoy. In addition to assuring that new music is properly submitted to the US Copyright Office to gain the securities afforded through copyright, a music publisher’s job is to provide avenues of support and management for a composer, performer or songwriter, in many cases actually performing the duties involved including; music licensing, legal and business affairs, royalty, accounting, print and media development and other support. Such is the case for StringTunes as well. Music publishing is challenging but rewarding.

The trends in recent years, as seen throughout the music industry, reflects a strong interest for composers, songwriters, lyricists and performing artists to setup and establish self-owned music publishing companies. In fact, that is how and why StringTunes was established in its very beginning. There are many challenges to doing this and in fact in the article Music Publishing Versus Self Publishing – Pros and Cons  it covers some of the hurdles of both working with an existing music publisher and going it on your own through self-publishing.

For more information about StringTunes and the products and services offered through them as a music publishing company, please visit the StringTunes website. Thanks!

StringTunes – Music Publisher