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General Business – Links

General Business – Links


This directory includes miscellaneous general business links. These companies offer products or services not related to music or the music industry specifically or directly but they do offer them to the general business sector. Some you may find interesting enough to review. Please note that they will have their own policies regarding use and copyright so please review their policies too should you have any question about them. We are not responsible for or liable for any content included on these sites.

General Business – Links Directory

iPod Repair – Certified iPod Medical Center and iPod Parts Depot. iPod Repair – Find replacement parts and equipment for your iPod.

Merchant Services – Accept credit cards for your business direct with the largest credit card processor in the USA. Don’t be tricked into using a third party.

Small Business Loan – Small Business Loan offers a selection of various ways to get funding for small businesses.

Relaxing Music – Peaceful and relaxing music for Yoga and meditation

General Business – Links