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General Business – Music

General Business – Music Directory

This directory is for those businesses functioning in the music business sector and not listed in our other directories. Please note that as we move forward in time some of the listings here will be moved to other directories more suitable to their subject matter. With that said consider this directory one that will change often.

General Business – Music Directory

Classical Music Archive – An excellent resource for learning about Classical Music, Composers and Music History, downloads are available on this site.

Deutsche Grammophon – If you’re into Classical Music you will enjoy this excellent site for discovering who is doing what in the classical music and opera genres from around the world.

Make Music – Make Money – Money Magic for Musicians: Complete Financial Guide for the working musician. Informs musicians about the financial tools they need to have a life-long AND prosperous career in the arts.

Naxos – The Worlds leading Classical Music Label

New Music Box – The web magazine from the American Music Center.

Recording Industry Association of America – The RIAA is a trade group that represents the US Recording Industry. RIAA also provides you a resource for acquiring ISRC Codes.

SoundExchange This is the US Copyright Office designate for the collection of statutory royalties for Copyright Owners, Featured and Non-featured Artists and Labels.

General Business – Music