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Fan Comments

Fan Comments – Thank you for your support!

Fan comments are a great motivator and they are a testament for the approval of a person’s work. I personally wish to thank all of my friends, family and fans throughout the world who have and continue to support me for both my music and my writings. I am truly grateful for all of your fan comments. It is from comments like these that I find the patience and incentive to keep going even when common sense says to stop.

Many of these fan comments were originally posted on the StringTunes website and transferred here. Also, many are new fan comments added since the transfer took place. It amazes me that the internet has provided a venue which includes local, regional and worldwide responses to my work. The periodic e-mails, postings and direct comments from friends, family and fans lets me know that there are many others out there as well, who also find real value in what I compose and in what I write. So, I want you all to know that these fan comments are indeed like a type of food for me which supports me and promotes that I keep going. In that regards, I am forever grateful for each and every one of you for making and giving me permission to post your fan comments on this site. They are very, very important to me! Thanks again! Don

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Fan Comments

Laxmi Chander –  Business development and Guitarist – “Wow .. the clarity and the notes of the music is amazing.. Its taking the listener to a different level . No words to express .. Awesome! Looking forward to buy the whole album.” Chennai, India

Teresa / Songwriter – Awesome! Beautifully orchestrated! What you’ve created is what music is all about. Each masterpiece is in a class of its own, between the listener and the instruments. As I listened to “Waiting by the River” I envisioned walking to the river as the strings started out playing and finding a spot along the river to sit and watch. As the piano came into play I could vision the water. Then I could vision being aware of my surroundings around the river utilizing all 5 senses. Amazing how, listening to music like this, without lyrics, paints a picture. Very nice! I’m honored for the invitation to listen to your music. It was like my own private concert! Thank you! Kentucky USA

Aletheia / Songwriter – Heart Strings is really touching really lovely and very heartfelt just so beautiful. Melancholy is so serene with a beautiful story, it almost feels like someone is on their last breath of life or they have lost all hope, and there is a higher power trying to bear peace, hope and comfort…I can feel the struggle between one soul reaching out to the higher Spirit or God, just a wonderful composer. God has blessed you with an amazing gift! – Tennessee USA

Lord Sky – “Good stuff. I’d say you’re almost too professional quality, and you’ve got the style down. Start organizing into albums and you should have no trouble getting a deal soon.

Gary / Businessman – Very enjoyable, nice way to unwind from a long day! – Stockton, Iowa USA

Matthew / Composer & Artist – …your talent is really outstanding! – London, England

Beth / Businesswoman – Soft and soothing are the two words that come to mind. I have such respect for someone who can put notes to paper and intertwine the gentle melodies of several instruments. Bravo to you! – Rockford, Illinois, USA

Chad / Musician – …inspiring music! – Minnesota, USA

Cindy / Businesswoman – Your music is not only beautiful, but truly inspiring. – Illinois, USA

Michael / Composer – …terrific music! New York, New York

Amir / Composer – Very cool tunes… I am enjoying your detailed compositions a lot. NRW Germany

AdonisComposer – Great music! – New York, New York

Leonicio / Composer – Wonderful music… – Mexico City, Mexico

Michael / Composer – I like Time Marches On. Keep up the great work. – New York, USA

Catherine / Composer – Awesome! – Melbourne, Australia

Kathy / Businesswoman – Enjoyed reading the descriptions while listening to your “GREAT” songs, made me feel the music. I will pass this onto others for their enjoyment. – Loves Park, Illinois, USA

Michael / Composer – Lovely emotive music from a passionate Composer!! – New York, USA

Valkir / Composer – …your music is beautiful…so heartfelt – Chicago, USA

Symphony LacrimosaOrchestra – Great work with your music. – Vancouver, Canada

Christopher / Music Artist & Composer- …beautiful tunes – New Jersey, USA

FreefallMusic Artist and Composer – Keep making beautiful music… – Sydney, Australia

AndrewComposer – … a great Composer. – San Francisco, USA

DamonComposer and Artist – Excellent compositions, you really have your eye on the “Big Picture”… so skilled. – London, England

TamikaHousewife – Beautiful and elegant! I think my favorite so far is Moderato in D Major, great piece. – Hastings, Minnesota USA

BrandiBusiness Owner – …very soothing! Keep up the good work! – Minnesota USA

SalinaHousewife – Your music is very touching to my heart! And who ever gets to this page to hear your music will be very moved!!! – Illinois USA

AndreaWaitress – I am really impressed with your website. The music sounds superb! Keep up the great work – Aransas Pass, Texas USA

Carl & Mary – “Simply fantastic!” – Orem Utah USA

Hilda – When I close my eyes, it’s like you’re here, wonderful. I’m glad to know you. – Berlin, Germany

Gary – Would never have guessed you for Classical music. It’s awesome, well done old friend. – Urbandale, Iowa USA

KittyReceptionist – Who knew?! Apparently lots of folks just not me. It is so wonderful to find, discover, and explore a whole new dimension of someone. What a spectacular, magnificent surprise. – Detroit, Michigan USA

LucindaOutreach Coordinator – I love the Silent Night arrangement. It’s quite beautiful. – Washington D.C. USA

-e+ – Awesome! ☆☆☆☆☆ – Jakarta, Indonesia

RossAttendant – Your music is uplifting and kind to the ear and I hope you continue to showcase your gift that God has given you to spread delight to everyone that listens to the music you have created. – Rockford Illinois USA

Greg Scientist – Your Opus #8 is truly outstanding! I also really like your Opus #3. I’d like to play it someday. – Detroit, Michigan USA

Paul – You have truly arrived at the helm of music production, in realizing its scope and by releasing the notes in such a way as to be true to the classical sound. – Dublin, Ireland

Betty Boop LBM – Your music is very touching and very soothing. Thank you! Please keep more coming our way. God Bless you and all the lives you touch with your beautiful music. Whenever you come to NJ, please make sure you look us up. Thank you for you beautiful work. You are awesome! – New Jersey USA

JoAnneSales Manager – I love Seascape, it is one of my favorites. I remain in awe with your work. Many blessings to you! – Antioch, Illinois USA

RandySalesperson and Instrumentalist – How nice to hear music that is well thought out and not the same piece rewritten in different ways. The melodies are light and memorable and range from string quartets to fully realized orchestral works. Bravo! – Muncie, Indiana USA

DickAccount Manager – This music is some of the best I have ever heard. It is the type of music that allows you to relax as it takes you into a relaxed state of mind allowing you to forget about all the issues of your day to day life. Great music for a romantic evening with the one you love. Your music is a breath of fresh air in this fast paced world. – Manchester, New Hampshire USA

DeborahCustomer Service – Heart Strings and Dawn of a New Day are such beautiful compositions. The music takes you from where you are to a someplace truly wonderful. I can’t wait for the third CD to come out. Thank you. – Aurora, Illinois USA

MarthaMusic Teacher and Cellist – I have been listening to your music since I came home, and I like it very much. I enjoyed listening to the Moderato – beautiful. Beloit, Wisconsin USA

Randy – …love it!! I’m coming out of rock, didn’t know music could be so beautiful…! – Berwick, Pennsylvania USA

Emanuele – Very nice site! I really enjoyed it and I am pleased to have come across your site. See you soon again. Lugano, Switzerland

CarolMedical Receptionist – I finally got the chance to listen to Dawn of a New Day…wow it is really beautiful…thanks and keep up the good work… – Rockford, Illinois USA

NancySalesperson – … I listen to your music. It is beautiful! – Racine, Wisconsin USA

TonPresident – It was very interesting to get to know you in a very different way. I am impressed with your very nice music. You can be proud of having and using such skills. – Detroit, Michigan USA


A huge thank you to all of my friends, family and fans throughout the world for all of your kind and generous fan comments. Don

Fan Comments