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Musical Instrument Links

Musical Instrument Links

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This directory is for those who manufacture, distribute and sell musical instruments of all types.

Musical Instrument Links Directory

Distance Education Organization – For more information about musical instruments and additional resources please see this very good resource page: http://www.distance-education.org/Degrees/An-Educational-Guide-to-Musical-Instruments-A599.html. We wish to thank Amy a young and highly motivated student of music from Delaware attending Ms. Ward’s music classes for this excellent resource page. Thank you Amy! – Don Rath Jr., composer.

NAMM – National Association of Music Merchandisers provides trade shows throughout the year enabling the manufacturers of the latest products and services to demonstrate their wares.

Here is a link to videos produced from the last Los Angeles NAMM Show – NAMM Videos. In this way you can experience one of the most incredible music manufacturer conventions available today.

Conn-Selmer – Conn-Selmer, Inc. is the leading manufacturer and distributor of band and orchestral instruments for professional, amateur and student use. The company manufactures and distributes its products under a variety of well-known brand names, including Vincent Bach brass , Selmer USA woodwinds, C.G. Conn brass, King brass, Armstrong woodwinds, Ludwig and Musser percussion and Glaesel string instruments.

Other brands include Scherl & Roth and William Lewis & Son string instruments, Emerson flutes and Benge brass. Under its Leblanc, Inc. division, purchased in 2004, the company also manufactures and distributes Leblanc, Holton, Noblet, Vito band instruments.

Conn-Selmer is also the exclusive North American distributor for Selmer (Paris) professional brass and woodwinds. They are the U.S. distributor for saxophones under the label of Yanagisawa saxophones.

Please visit Conn-Selmer to gain direct access to their accessories, artists, and educational sections. Read about their history, search for a serial number for your own instrument or learn about employment with them.

The Violin Website – This is a multi-language resource site for most things Violin related such as; Pedagogy resources, teacher directory, luthier, midi files, bookstore, instruments, accessories, musicians, violin music and playing/performance techniques.

The Viola Website – The Viola Web Site has established itself as an important portal for violists on the web. Through its mailing lists, The Viola Web Site provides a forum for violists to discuss, work together and inform each other of their viola-related activities, such as upcoming events, plans for the next viola congress, development of new chapters. All viola societies around the world are represented.

The Viola Web Site also helps viola societies worldwide to create their own web presence, and provides them with permanent web address under www.viola.com, even if their web site is not hosted there.

Cello – Wickapedia – This site is chock full of links for researching many topics about the Cello.

StringWorks – Looking for a Cello, Violin, or a Viola? Check this out!

String Season – String Season is a retailer of musical instruments and music accessories for all levels. We offer only great quality instruments for very competitive prices.

Musical Instrument Links Directory