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Colors of Cello

Colors of Cello – By Don Rath Jr

Colors Of Cello - Cover ArtTitle – Colors of Cello

Composer – Don Rath Jr.

Release Date – March 21st, 2008

Genre – New classical/chamber music

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Colors of Cello

Colors of Cello is an award winning full length CD which includes twelve songs as a compilation of all original instrumental music featuring the incredible cello. This is third official CD release by instrumental chamber music composer Don Rath Jr.

Awards – This CD includes; Opus No 6 – Cello Duet, which placed as a Finalist, and Opus No 8 – Cello Duet, which placed as a Semi-Finalist, in the 2008 UK Songwriting Contest. There were over 6,000 worldwide entries in Classical – Instrumental music genre for this contest.

Similar Artists include resemblances to many other popular solo cello artists. The lush cello arrangements and flowing melodies in this CD create beautiful soundscapes written to reflect the various “colors” of sound made possible by the cello. Also, the compositions include solo and duet arrangements as well as arrangements written for cello & violin, cello & viola, cello & clarinet, cello & oboe and cello & piano.

All of the music included on this album was written, arranged and produced entirely by Don Rath Jr. The final mastering of the music and a cooperative effort for the graphics were provided by Allen Wagner of Big Toe Studio in Vancouver Washington. Thanks “Big Al”!

Read what others are saying;

Randy writes – “How nice to hear music that is well thought out and not the same piece rewritten in different ways.” – (Indiana, USA)

Teresa writes; – “Each piece is in a class of its own…”– (Kentucky, USA)

Deborah writes; “…the music takes you from where you are to a someplace truly wonderful.” – (Illinois, USA)

Official Colors of Cello Track List

Track 1 Opus No. 1 – Cello – Duet (4:28)

Opus No 1 – Cello – Duet Song Info

Track 2 Opus No. 2 – Cello – Duet (4:51)

Opus No 2 – Cello – DuetSong Info

Track 3 Opus No. 3 – Solo Cello (3:01)

Opus No 3 – Solo CelloSong Details

Track 4 Opus No. 4 – Solo Cello (2:21)

Opus No 4 – Solo CelloSong Details

Track 5 Opus No. 5 – Cello – Duet (4:10)

Opus No 5 – Cello – Duet Song Details

Track 6 Opus No. 6 – Cello Duet (8:01)

Opus No 6 – Cello – DuetSong Info

Track 7 Opus No. 7 – Cello and Oboe (3:13)

Opus No 7 – Cello and OboeSong Info

Track 8 Opus No. 8 – Cello – Duet (01:25)

Opus No 8 – Cello – Duet Song Info

Track 9 Opus No. 9 – Cello and Viola (02:46)

Opus No 9 – Cello and ViolaSong Info

Track 10 Opus No. 10 – Cello and Piano (04:09)

Opus No 10 – Cello and PianoSong Info

Track 11 Opus No. 11 – Cello and Clarinet (03:36)

Opus No 11 – Cello and ClarinetSong Details

Track 12 Opus No. 12 – Cello and Violin (02:16)

Opus No 12 – Cello and ViolinSong Info

I hope you enjoy Colors of Cello. I also hope you like it well enough to suggest it to your friends. That would be cool! Please check out my other CD’s too! Heart Strings – The CD and Dawn of a New Day – The CD

Colors of Cello – Don Rath Jr