Sunday, October 1st, 2023

… This is crucial to understand and not simply in the basic sense when writing for film. Human behavior is quite complicated and so the choices a composer makes when syncing music to film must be understood to cause the effect the Film Producer is looking for in any given scene.

To rise above the afflictions and frailties of the human experience and to gain control and eventual mastery of ones self is an absolutely amazing gift. It is even more of a gift when those that do give back those gifts to all of us to learn and benefit from.

Every once in a while a composer may want to change a time signature during the course of a music composition. Although this is a rather easy thing to do, many may not know how to notate for making this type of music notation change. In addition, they may not know what impact making this change…

The time signature itself designates either perfect time or imperfect time simply by the numerator that is being used as the top number in the time signature. Also, depending upon what the numerator is divisible by, this will determine whether the time signature is in simple time or in compound time.