Friday, June 9th, 2023

The Children


The Children

By Don Rath Jr

…and the children used to come here
to play, sing, frollick and dance.
Once there was a way of life where
joy and laughter filled the land.
When you could find peace rafting
on a river and life in a flower.
Where loving was the status quo
and a hug the way of saying hello.

Terror, they say, took our freedom
while we all were busy minding the store.
Leadership was their name and control was there game.
Somewhere all along the way we lost
Our chance for a truly lasting peace.
In the arms of a soldier across the land,
We no longer searching for to find
All of the love we once knew trying to survive.

Holding on to what we are and what we have
Passing in the wayward wind through time
Rising and falling in the sea of angry men
To the thrusting of their swords into the womb
The heart and soul of nations our friends
Until the war took away our love and joy
No longer to quietly enjoy the peace
Of our children who no longer play here

I am a witness to the falling of a star
Of shining throughout the night in time
Aquarius, Leo and of coarse Mars
Lay before the fate of those that love
And maybe oh yes maybe in the daylight
When the sky has turned to crimson red
We’ll wish for all those yesterdays gone by
When the children would come here to play.

Copyright (C) 2006 Don Rath Jr

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