Friday, June 9th, 2023

The Composer – Don Rath Jr – Poetry


The Composer

Poetry by Don Rath Jr

A lone soldier of tune
Soul searching in quiescence
Seeking the elusive inspirations
Through the quiet sounds of silence

The music of eternal longing
The note of everlasting love
Bringing to the world with pen in hand
A message from God above

An empty page of promise
Lays upon the land before
That single note drops from heaven
Non-silent forevermore

Struggling through the passages
The phrases from the spheres
Leading to a place of peace
Those things we hold so dear

Removing the self a task indeed
Leaving behind the want
Channeling the giants from long ago
Always on the hunt

Come watch me write the song
And you will have surprises
As the work comes home again
Like the sun it always rises

Listen through the years
As each work blossoms to a flower
Bringing hope and love forever
Under the ivory tower

Copyright (c) 2006 Don Rath Jr

The Composer

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