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Michael Brant DeMaria


Michael Brant DeMaria – Featured Artist and Composer

Michael Brant DeMaria - With FluteGrounded in the trust of Spirit, that is what I found Michael Brant DeMaria to be. A gentle and soft spoken man on the quest for inner knowledge.  He is a seeker of the continuity of life and strives to help others find the connectivity between all things. He is a guide, a healer, for others as they walk a similar path as he.

From the story of his life to the creative works he has produced, Michael is an example and a teacher who provides help and guidance to others as they too journey down that pathway which leads one to a deep understanding of the inner self. Also, through his workshops and seminars you will find guidance, help and assistance as you travel on your journey towards the full expression of the self.

Professionally, he is a Doctor of Psychology and holds his PhD from Duquesne University, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, where Dr. DeMaria studied in the graduate programs in psychology, philosophy and in The Institute of Formative Spirituality.

Siyotanka, Grammy Nominated Album 2010, #1 New Age album February 2009 and Native American Music Award Winning Album 2009 in the Native Heart category.

Michael Brant DeMaria is, in heart and in spirit, a creator and a healer. His involvements in the arts encompass being a playwright, poet, painter, multi-instrumentalist and composer. Michael is an avid student of world music exploring and playing indigenous percussion, aerophones from the Native American Flute, African Djembe to the Australian Didgeridoo. He also plays piano and a wide array of keyboards and synthesizers. He has been the featured musician for renowned poets Robert Bly and David Whyte. Additionally, he has played with Grammy winning and internationally known artists such as; Mary Youngblood, Bill Miller, David Darling, Carlos Nakai, as well as Coyote Oldman, Peter Phippen, Jeff Ball and Ash Dargan.

Siyotanka was awarded one of the top 10 albums of 2009 by RJ Lannan of the Zone Music Reporter. Michael’s Ocean has been #1 for three straight months in a row also on the ZMR Charts.

In his own search for the connectivity between the physical and the spiritual worlds, Michael Brant DeMaria has brought to us three CD’s of all original music, two in the Healing Sound Project Series – The River (2003) and Ocean (2009). His third CD release, Siyotanka (2009) won the Native American Music Award in the Native Heart category in the fall of 2009. It is also the soundtrack for the play co-written by Michael and Steven Lott.

Siyotanka - Michael Brant DeMaria.Ocean - Michael Brant DeMaria….River - Michael Brant DeMaria

Late in 2009, Michael found out that Siyotanka was nominated for a 2010 Grammy Award. His nomination was in the Native American Music Album category for Album of the Year. Although he was not the winner this year, when you listen to Siyotanka you will know why this wonderful collection of music is so worthy of an award such as a Grammy. A glimpse of his spirit and an auditory feast is provided in the video below, representing a compilation of music from Siyotanka.



Promotional Video for the CD Ocean by Michael Brant DeMaria

Ocean is the award winning album by Grammy Nominee Michael Brant DeMaria. Ocean ranked #1 on the New Age/World/Ambient chart for 3 months in a row. It then went on to win the ZMR Award for Best Ambient Album of 2009 and Best Relaxation/Meditaiton Album of 2009. The ZMR Awards are highly regarded since only radio, cable and internet broadcasters are allowed to vote. DeMaria was competing with over 2000 other albums on the ZMR Chart for these rankings and awards. Ocean is now entered in the Grammy’s for Best New Age Album of the year. Ocean has also been featured in many events these last months as a symbol of healing from the Gulf Oil Disaster. A portion of proceeds from the sale of Ocean go to benefit recovery on the Gulf Coast – in particular, wildlife rescue and recovery. To find out more please visit his new website Ocean Healing.



Michael Brant DeMaria is releasing his fourth CD Gaia on November 1st, 2010!

Gaia is a wonderful collection of 14 tone poems and sound prayers offering the listener a journey through various lands and honoring each as much as he does Mother Earth. Michael DeMaria has captured that spirit exceptionally well. The sonic variations DeMaria uses in this work reflect his growth as a composer while providing a collection of music that can be used for meditation whether that be for concerns over the state and health of our planet or for personal development. Gaia is a must have CD for those in the New Age Music genre and for those who enjoy Native American Flute music. Through Gaia he sends the message of unity for all, as well as love and respect of our planet!

New CD by Michael Brant DeMaria - GaiaScheduled Release date – November 1st, 2010

Read More About Gaia Here!

We are planning a new interview with Michael which will be posted on this site once completed. Please stay tuned!


We certainly hope that you have enjoyed this brief presentation of a most wonderful man and an avid creator of visual and auditory pleasure. When all is said and done it is for us, individually, to discover the spirit inside our self and to let it spring forth into full expression. Please take a moment to visit him at his Official Website for a more in depth look into the world of Michael Brant DeMaria – Ontos.

The information, cover art, video and additional material included in this article are used under direct permission Micheal Brant DeMaria.

Michael Brant DeMaria – Featured Artist and Composer

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