Sunday, October 1st, 2023

Home Studio Project – Quick Look


Home Studio Project – Quick Look of My New DAW

Every once in a while a person gets something new that is incredible and it fulfills a long wished for dream. Well, this year for me is just like that. Certainly it wasn’t easy but it sure is nice, much nicer than cement walls and a roaring furnace reeking havoc on my ability to compose and edit music. My new home studio project is done and I love it!

There are several pages about the project and they are listed under the Music tab. They include a slide show presentation, and a series of pages on the different aspects of building the studio room, including the wood used, electrical and overcoming some obstacles to complete the project . Please feel free to visit at any time. For now, here’s a photo to tease you a bit!

My New DAW - Quick Look

Isn’t it amazing how something so simple as this could have such an impact on a person as this has had on me.

I’ll be posting more soon!

Merry Christmas!

Home Studio Project – Quick Look

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