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Hello world!


Don Rath Jr - Hello WorldHello world!

Hello World. Welcome to my new website. You are welcomed here!

I am a self-proclaimed instrumental music composer. People who write music start somewhere in order to expose their music to the world. This website is my somewhere. I’ve titled the site Music Theory and Composition because that is the plan, to add relevant and pertinent information about music theory and music composition from the perspective of one who writes music.

Feel free to browse this site at your leisure. It is available 24/7.  For those interested, you can read about me and review my biography and about learn about my music too! I want to say that it was very difficult for me to “come out” as a composer. Self doubt has been an influence for many years but I felt I needed to take this step to come out and say hello world! I am here and I have something musical to say. Pretty brash, I know. How else am I going to provide an avenue for you to hear my music? Hope you find it OK.

I spend a lot of time writing about music from the perspective of helping students learn this amazing craft. This site has a lot of information all written from the perspective of a composer which should provide to you some insights into the nature of what it is like to be both an author and a composer.

Some sample clips for my published music are available on the List of Works – Complete page so mozy on over for a listen when you get a chance.

Here’s the link to StringTunes my music publisher. Check out the site!

I truly hope you enjoy your visit here. I will do my best to provide a website that is informative, educational, inspirational and hopefully we can find my way of supplying some humor too.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy your Holidays!


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Hello World!

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