Friday, June 9th, 2023

Website Update – Week #5


Hello everyone. I hope you have had a great week and I hope you are traveling safely. The east coast was battered with an unbelievable amount of snow. Here in the Chicagoland area it was dry and fairly warm for this time of the year.

Challenging is the word for the last two weeks. There are many things to do when making a website and double that when making two. These tasks are way more challenging than I had anticipated going into these projects. This weeks update is not exactly what I wanted to say but it is what is going on.

The evolution of my learning is way too slow for me when it comes to web development and so I am finding myself faltering and floundering in my attempts to complete these two projects, this site and the StringTunes new website.

I can sit for hours working on a piece of music, in that creative zone. That special place I have become familiar with over time. I understand how to make music. I think, and so I do., never bored and never frustrated. Making a website is something entirely different and the learning curve is difficult for me. Maybe I should have just hired someone instead but then I wouldn’t know how to work with it or maintain it by myself.

The part I do not like at all is that I am spending way too much time learning how and then trying to do, making many attempts at doing one small but important thing. Yes, website making, has proven to be a most difficult thing for me. I’d rather be writing music or writing about composing and arranging music.

So, here we are, another week has flown by and one more week closer to my self-imposed deadline of March 1st, for going “live” on StringTunes. I find myself asking if I will make the deadline or not. I honestly do not know. I can say I will do my best and I do not want to go live if the site is not to my satisfaction, just to keep a deadline. That would be sad. I’d rather be late then to prematurely go out into the world.

What is done is visible here, on this site, so I will not go into that much. I will say that this site has gone together far more eloquently than the StringTunes site.

For StringTunes – I have met a lot of snags and “issues” in the development side of this site. The shopping cart integration is not going smoothly and my featured gallery is not working too. I should be able to get that part working shortly but the shopping cart I think is outside of my knowledge base. I may need to hire someone to do this on my behalf.

I am totally thrilled and in eager anticipation to get a new article that was completed the other day posted and up on the StringTunes site. It’s an article about an incredible instrumental composer who has been performed all over the world. I think you all will truly enjoy reading and listening to some of this composers work.

Hopefully this next week will be more fruitful then the last two. If it is then we can get back on track.

I hope your week goes well and I will provide another update next week, this time for sure. Last week I was up to my elbows in issues and needed to stay focused on that. Enjoy the week and I’ll talk with you again soon. Until then I hope you are enjoying this site and that you will be returning and staying with me as I work out the details and get back to making more content.

Keep making music!

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