Friday, June 9th, 2023

StringTunes – Website Updated


Website Update

Blue Logo for StringTunes

I am very happy to announce that the StringTunes website is officially updated and everything is working properly!

Look and Feel!

The main purpose for making these changes was to tie together the look and feel of both the Music Theory and Composition website using the same color palette as well as the same structure. Although this was a daunting task we are glad the process of updating the site is now complete.

Content Intent

StringTunes is a music publishing company. The content planned for this site will be focused on the music industry and the publishing and production sides of music rather than on music education. More generalized information about my music is also provided as an enticement to gain new fans and supporters of my music.

The majority of the content which was included in the “old” StringTunes site has been either rewritten, left the same or removed to reflect the focus as described above. Certainly more content will be added over time. New articles and posts will be announced here on this site.

Please Visit

Please feel free to visit the new StringTunes website and check it out! You can view it quickly and easily by following this StringTunes link. Visual continuity was and remains important to me, for consistency in my internet presence. I hope you see the value in doing this update.

The StringTunes Logo

Also, we are now using the StringTunes business logo. One of my old High School friends, Stan, designed it. He is a professional graphic designer and I am very happy with the end result. I’d like to hear your opinion of the logo so I can get word to Stan.  That would be great!

Host Venue Change too!

In addition to all of the changes already presented I have changed hosting providers so this act alone made the process somewhat more stressful, however, I can say that my ISP made this changeover process a lot more convenient and much easier than if I had to do it all myself. Many kudos goes out to Media Temple for their great support, both personally as well as technically!

Lost Links and Page URL Changes

As with any website change, especially major changes such as these, some things are lost, specifically incoming links. This occurs because of content changes and some page URL changes. Many 404 redirects were needed to correct this issue and I think we have them all now.

So, this message goes out to any and all who were linked to the old StringTunes site who may experience the dreaded 404 inconvenience. I apologize for this however, it couldn’t be helped. I hope that you will understand and help us to reconnect or to regain lost links. That would be helpful of you and much appreciated.

For those who have an interest to reactivate an existing link which may have been lost or to those interested in exchanging links with us, we are certainly interested in linking together should our websites coincide and support one another. If you are interested please contact us through the contact form in the top navigator bar. Thanks in advance!

Expecting Increased Traffic Here

With better ties to the StringTunes website and from other actions we have taken to improve SEO I am hopeful of seeing an increase in website traffic due to these activities. A lot of back-end work has been done on this site too, during the process of rebuilding the StringTunes website. Again, I am hopeful of seeing an uptick in traffic as a result.

Thank You!

I want to personally thank each and every one of you for your ongoing support and for your patience and toleration during these changing times. I value your participation and your involvement in this site as well as the StringTunes website. I hope you will continue to support this site by getting the words out there to all your friends and family members who are seeking free music theory and composition information written from the perspective of a composer. So, thanks again for your support and encouragement!

All the best to Everyone!


StringTunes – Site Updated!

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