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Music Theory – Level 1 – Series Conclusion – Part 19



A Tonal System

Scales in Music – A Tonal System

Music Theory Section – Level 1

Series Conclusion – Part 19

Welcome to Music Theory Section – Level 1 Series Conclusion – Part 19. The many tools, symbols ideas and concepts used in music composition require considerable effort to fully understand. This series, Music Theory – Level 1, was intended to provide a broad overview of those tools symbols, ideas and concepts with specific examples of many of them. As one would guess there are just as many more to learn about. We will be addressing more of them in Music Theory – Level 2.

Other Article References

There are a group of articles not included in the Music Theory Section – Level 1 series which are not part of this specific article however they contain relevant information for the content of this one. The information presented in them is just as vital and as much a part of music theory as those presented within the music theory series level 1 itself. They too include some additional tools, concepts and ideas which are necessary to learn for a more complete understanding of music theory, music notation and music composition. They are stand alone articles for you to review at any time. Here is a list along with their respective link, for easy navigation to those articles.

The Musical Note

Music’s Secret Stairway – The Grand Staff – Part 1

Music’s Secret Stairway – The Grand Staff – Part 2

Tempo – Speed in Music

Basic Characteristics of Sound

Acoustics of Music – The 9-Part Series

When taken as a whole, the collection of articles will provide an excellent foundation for understanding the language of music (the words) as well as the symbolic language of music (the symbols). However, that is not all there is to know nor is the information all inclusive of what is necessary to be known to be a world class composer. The foundational information about music theory has been presented and we will be building upon that foundation in future articles.

A Few Words About Music Education

Music Education, especially formal education, goes well beyond the contents of this website. There is no comparison between self teaching and formal education that can be justified as equal in nature. They are clearly not equal.

A well structured and well taught music education, through an accredited Music College or  University, is strongly urged for those who wish to develop many more skills and abilities than I can teach in this way. The personal coaching that a “live” teacher can provide will aide greatly in your progress and in your abilities to use the information gained from your self teaching methods as well as through the formal music education system.

However, and I will add, that for those of you who cannot afford a formal education that these articles may provide a fair music foundation for you. provided you have Internet access. Most of his information can be found in many places other than the Internet too. From your local library, school and maybe in your mom or dads collection of books, I’m sure you will find something to keep you on the road to learning what you can about sound and music.

Lastly, if you were to consider how much time it has taken me to learn enough about music to write at least some original music then you would know why I suggest to you a more formal education. Structure is not always a bad thing, in fact, it is often a good thing. A formal education is something I do not have. In that way, maybe to some, I am unqualified to write about it, at least publicly. None the less I am sharing with you the knowledge I have gained by actually playing and instrument and actually writing new, original music.

Maybe, just maybe, my efforts will help at least one other person learn to make beautiful noise. In that way, we all have gained.

Series Conclusion

With that said, I certainly hope that these articles have helped you to begin or to stabilize your musical knowledge. A lot of effort went into making the charts and audio clips used throughout the series. Every effort was made to be accurate and representative of the idea or concept being presented.

With Highest Regards and Admiration, I remain,

Don Rath Jr. – Composer

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Music Theory Section – Level 1

Series Conclusion – Part 19

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