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Music and Mental Health


Music Mental Health and Education

Using music for a healthy lifestyle - Music and Mental Health

Music and Mental Health

Music and mental health go hand in hand. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the 21st century is as challenging if not more so than in years past. Diet, exercise, good sleep habits and excellent hygiene all play a vital role in living a life full of energy, vim and vigor. An area which is often overlooked is the overall state of one’s mental health especially regarding the affects of stress and the toll it takes on the human body and how music can play a vital role in improving a person’s ability to manage stress more effectively thereby improving one’s overall mental health.

Further still is the impact of music on cognitive performance. Much has been written with regards to the relationship of music and mental health from the perspective of the cognitive benefits of listening to music and more specifically, how children benefit educationally by learning to play and to write/compose music. This is a significant factor in a person’s mental development on many fronts. From decision making skills, to understanding relationships, mathematics and reason are all partly and positively influenced by those who learn to play and make music. In these ways music and mental health when tied together  produce greater mental and emotional skills.

As just mentioned, music an mental health research has provided clear evidence that this is indeed true. For example; the MENC or National Association for Music Education has reported performance and creativity improvements are considerable for children with music in their curriculum over those who do not. As adults we must consider these findings in our day to day lives.

In 2006 Stanford University published an article by Emily Saarman titled “Feeling the Beat: Symposium explores the therapeutic effects of rhythmic music” which makes direct claims that music has an impact, a positive impact on our brain and its functionality.

Also, of significance, is the discovery of Alpha, Beta and Theta sound waves which have been shown to improve one’s ability to control and manage stress as well as to improve the overall functioning of the brain. The Biocybernaut Institute, led by Dr. James Hardt has developed a technology based on his research into the neurofeedback field. This technology has demonstrated significant effectiveness in healing and transforming core dimensions of personality. Music designed around and including these “sound” concepts can benefit the mental health of all of us. We simply need to remember this fact and use it to our advantage. Who would have thought that music and mental health were to intimately related?

Just how far does this idea go? As proposed and demonstrated in the video below, music goes to our very being. It influences us at many levels within our mental states as well as in our bodies or our physical states. This video “The Music Instinct: Science & Song” by Elena Mannes explores ground-breaking science revealing the power of music and its connection with the body, the brain and the world of nature. The film deals with research, showing music can heal as well as its potential for education. Although the entire feature is 1 hour 53:35 minutes long it covers a vast array of the concepts related to music and health and beyond. Please watch now or come back when you get the time to watch the entire program. It is well worth your time.

As we are all aware, the hustle and bustle of life in the 21st century places mental strains on us which we can be better manage by using music to soothe the soul, if you will. After all, music is not just the universal language it is also a great healing force to be strongly considered when developing a full, happy and healthy lifestyle. This includes the use of music when it comes to our overall state of health. Music and mental health, one important relationship we must all understand. We must also continue research into this area of study as we still do not know all of the benefits of music on our mental health.

Music and Mental Health


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  1. Nice post!! I definitely think that music can help with mental health issues. As a pianist, music has been therapeutic in rough times. When I was going through a rough patch of my life, I would play through the Chopin Nocturnes one by one on the piano, because for some reason the mood of the music fit exactly how I was feeling at the time. I would highly encourage people to learn music to help with mental health.


    • Don Rath Jr says:


      Thank you for your comment. We are glad to see the services you folks offer to help others find teachers in Southern California. Keep up the good work!