Friday, June 9th, 2023

Terez Howard – Interviews Don Rath Jr – Marketing


Terez Howard interviews Don Rath Jr

Recently I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Terez Howard. She is a freelance writer running two separate blogs. One is titledĀ Freelance Writing Mamas and the other is The Write Bloggers. Terez writes about internet marketing and helping small business owners to succeed. My interview was about the same topic and from the position of my experiences as a small business owner. There is a lot of information being provided on marketing in general as well as a focus on marketing music online. I was very happy to support Terez and she has agreed to post the interview on her website in two parts. The first part is active today and the second one will be active on the 30th of this month. Please drop by to review the article. It is titled Composer Talks About the Ins and Outs of Marketing. Thank you in advance for clicking through to read the article and supporting the excellent work she is doing to promote business success!

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