Friday, June 9th, 2023

Happy New Year!


During this Holiday Season we visit with friends and family building new loving memories that will last for many days, weeks and years yet to come. Between Christmas and New Years we celebrate the old year in preparation for the new year soon to be upon us. We think back on how fast the current year passed by, how much we did, how much we have yet to do and we take just a moment to reflect on ourselves.

2010 will be here soon, sooner than you can blink an eye. With hopeful anticipation that the new year will bring more prosperity, greater health and more love in our lives we lie in wait for the great ball to drop in New York City knowing that yes, another year has gone by.

It is my hope for all of mankind that we rethink our collective values and our preferences with an eye to a brighter more enjoyable future. I find myself asking; will we, all of us, find a way to get along in 2010, better than we did in 2009 or in any previous year? Will we come to the collective agreement that we all live on this planet as one people, one race called, humankind?

Can we come to grips with our weaknesses and build upon our strengths to raise the collective good will or will we succumb to our petty thinking and settle for something far less than our capabilities could enable?

I’m an optimist, mostly. I do hope we will, for all of our sake. So, in these last few days before the new year begins, take a moment to reflect, think about what you are doing, what you are contributing and make new decisions that will make a positive impact on the corner of the world in which you live, make them count. Make them in such a way as to cause you to take the right action to improve as much around you as you possibly can. If we all did that maybe we would find ourselves in a totally different world come 2011.

Happy New Year everyone! I truly do hope the best for all of you, and me too:) May you find health, happiness, joy and prosperity throughout 2010!

God bless,

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